Toshiba Announces Updated Kid-Friendly Laptop

If ever there was an audience for a silver and neon green laptop, kids would be it (and also maybe people who like lime green a lot). That said, Toshiba has just launched its updated kid-friendly laptop: the Satellite L735D. Toshiba and Best Buy worked on this one together, and did quite a bit of research to make sure that the little ones were getting what they wanted. Which was a lot of silver and neon green.

The Satellite L735D is really just the L635 wrapped up in some kid-friendly design, packed full of kid-friendly software, with more aggressive pricing. It’s a full 13.3-inch laptop, with a 1.3GHz AMD E-series processor and a 320GB hard drive. The 13.3-inch screen has a 1300×708 resolution, and supports video playback in 720p. The L735D also has two USB 2.0 ports, a webcam for video chat, and a battery life of five and a half hours. Obviously, these aren’t specs to drool over, but they make sense considering the rather low price point this little guy is going for.

As far as kid-centric features go, the most obvious (aside from the color scheme) would be the “wipeable” keyboard. Toshiba was very careful to not use the term “spill resistant,” so don’t think you can send little Tommy over to his laptop with a full glass of soda pop. Once he’s finished, however, and made the keyboard sufficiently sticky, feel free to wipe it clean. The Satellite L735D also comes with LEGO Harry Potter: The Video Game pre-installed, as well as KidZui (a browser just for kids).

The Satellite L735D will be available exclusively from Best Buy in the beginning of October, with an MSRP of $497.99.