“Toilettenpapier Drucker” Is What You Think It Is

If you told me two-and-a-half decades ago that this tow-headed youngster from Columbus, Ohio who spent his evenings looking up at the stars, engrossed in endless wonder at the boundless horizon of the invisible universe, would one day be able to print on toilet paper in his lifetime, he would have spit at you and then kicked your dog. He was a pretty crappy kid. But it has happened: we can now use off-the-shelf components to print on toilet paper. This is the end of history.

The printer uses a few broken CD players, an Arduino board, and good old Toilettenpapier to print messages for posterior. The creator, Mario Lukas, built the printer for hacking contest in Germany and he notes that you can connect it to an RSS or Twitter feed to tell folks what you really think about their content.

I suspect some of our commenters could use this product to express their overt displeasure at having to read free content 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

via Make