T-Mobile Spots HTC Radar 4G On Horizon, Set For Holiday Launch

Looks like the HD7 won’t be the only Windows Phone on T-Mobile’s shelves for much longer. Right on the heels of yesterday big smartphone announcement, T-Mobile has pulled back the curtains on the newest Windows Phone in their lineup: the HTC Radar 4G.

The Radar was one of two Windows Phones revealed at IFA by HTC, and while AT&T made sure to snag the big boy, the Radar is no slouch. It sports a rather handsome white aluminum body, while a 3.8-inch LCD display running at 800×480 graces the Radar’s front.

Meanwhile, you’ll find 1 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor running the show, and a 5 MP camera planted firmly on the phone’s rear end to round out the package.

Sure, the specs aren’t exactly mindblowing, but they place the Radar far above T-Mobile’s original Windows Phone efforts. The HTC HD7 was essentially a slightly-tweaked HD2, meaning that Windows Phone left the gate at Bellevue saddled with dated hardware.

Given the timing of the announcement, it should come as no surprise that the Radar runs Redmond’s long-awaited Mango version of WP7. While we’re on the subject of timing, T-Mobile is keeping quiet on the Radar 4G’s release date, but they’re quick to assure readers that it’ll be in stores in time for a holiday rush.