LinkedIn Has Seen 7.4M Job Changes Since 2009, 4.7M Members Are Employed By Small Businesses

U.S. President Barack Obama is scheduled to make a stop with professional social network LinkedIn, at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View today to chat about job creation and the economy from LinkedIn members. The meeting will feature questions from a live audience, as well as questions from thousands contributed by LinkedIn members over the past week. For the past year or so, LinkedIn has taken a number of deep data dives on the profile information of its 120 million members to highlight trends. Today, the network has developed an infographic that examines the economic opportunity and growth in industries from LinkedIn’s members over the past two years.

For example, LinkedIn says that there have been 7.4 million job changes or starts of its members since 2009. The top industries for these changes are higher education, healthcare, information technology, and marketing and advertising.

And 4.7 million LinkedIn members are employed by small businesses. The top growth industries for small businesses on the network are renewables and environment (up 29 percent since 2009); oil and energy (up 20 percent since 2009), food and beverages (up 18 percent since 2009), and healthcare (up 18 percent since 2009).

There are over 360,000 veterans on LinkedIn, and the most popular industries in which veterans work are information technology, defense and space, healthcare, higher education and government administration. Nearly 740,000 members on LinkedIn attended community college, and most studied business, computer science accounting and nursing.

As part of the event with President Obama, LinkedIn will be making a donation of up to 100,000 free subscriptions to Startup America Partnership entrepreneurs (a value of $5 million).

Past data dives compared men and women networkers, professional names, and startup founder profile information.