Clues To Amazon’s “Prime eBooks” Loan Program Found In Kindle Code

Some forum-goers at Mobileread found evidence of something called Prime eBooks in the online Kindle code. Searching for images of the new Kindle Tablet, he instead found a variable describing something called PRIME_EBOOKS_COMPATIBLE.

There is also some text that will show up when trying to deleted a “loaned” book, specifically:

prime_active_delete = “Are you sure you want to permanently delete this loan? Doing so will return the loan and remove it from your account.”

This code is distinctly different from the library loans text also found in the same app. Sadly, there was no evidence of the Kindle Tablet in the code. However, we did confirm that these loans will exist as an Amazon “Prime” subscription service, suggesting a Netflix-like method for downloading many books for a set price.

via the ebook reader