Watch Out For Lightsabers In Tokyo’s Subway Cars

In case you missed the news, Star Wars launched on Blu-ray this week. Lucas & Co. never miss an opportunity to soil their brand and so, along with turning to annoying in-game advertising, recently wrapped the handrails of several Tokyo subway cars. So, you know, passengers can have imaginary lightsaber battles with stationary props. AWESOME! Japan gets all the fun stuff.

My only wish is that they put these wraps on more items. Escalator handrails, for one, would be awesome. But the ultimate advertising venue is no doubt stripper polls. Think about. Not that I frequent such establishments (Totally serious. Never been) but their patrons are generally Star Wars’ die hards. This is the crowd that is most likely to purchase the new Blu-ray release anyway and would probably be rather amused by watching the ladies slide up and down a beam plasma. I would.

Images via Official Star Wars Blog