Thoora Releases Intelligent Content Discovery Engine To The Public

Since its launch in 2009, content discovery engine Thoora has been in private beta. But today the site, which combines aggregation, curation and search for personalized news streams, is stepping our of private beta and is now public.

There’s no doubt that there is a content overload when it comes to news sites, blogs and social networks. Thoora discovery engine that gives users a new way to discover, monitor and share news from the web on specific topics.

Thoora’s patented engine scours 28 million online sources and uses more than 100 signals to find and rank content. Thoora allows users to curate results by topic, and the engine learns from that curation, and starts delivering a more personalized feed.

You can build topics with multiple keywords, curate content by ‘favorite’-ing or removing articles, posts, and specific sources, filter by Twitter stream, and more. Users can also share their Thoora searches to their social networks, including Facebook and Twitters.

So what took Thoora so long to launch its product to the public? The startup says that there’s been an explosion of social media and content since 2009 and Thoora was working on integrating this into the application. The startup was also working on its proprietary technology that curates and aggregates news.