FakeGirlfriend.co Lets You Text With Your Made-up Canadian Model Girlfriend

“Whatever, man. I’ve got 10 girlfriends. And they’re supermodels! You just don’t know them, because they live in Canada.”

“Oh, okay. Call one of them and prove it.”

Well, crap — now what?

Enter FakeGirlfriend.co, a clever little service that lets you text your maybe-not-so-real girlfriend in a pinch, get a text back, and have her “call you back” a few minutes later. Because that’s totally not a weird thing to do, right?

Here’s how it works:

  • Make up a name for your, erm, gal, giving “her” the number (212) 804-6979. (This is a Twilio-powered service, so that number should stay the same indefinitely. If it doesn’t, I fear for the sanity of whoever gets that number next. “WHY DO ALL THESE STRANGERS WANT TO BE MY BOYFRIEND?!”)
  • When Nosey McJerkerson demands you prove your totally-made-up girlfriend isn’t totally-made-up, shoot a text to the faux-friend you created above.
  • Your “gal” will respond with a randomly generated “girlfriend-esque” text, and then call you with a pre-recorded message for you to step away and “talk to” a few minutes later.

Of course, this thing probably won’t fool anyone over the age of 10, if only because your digital-girlfriend’s prerecorded message has a tendency to talk through any and all interruptions and doesn’t respond to anything directly. And if it does work, you still know that you’re kind of weird.

If anyone asks, just remember: like a bag of sand.

(Side note: You would not believe how many weird stares I got while working on this post in a coffee shop.)