Wyse Releases New Version Of Cloud Storage App PocketCloud

Wyse Technology, the developers of cloud storage app PocketCloud, is launching a new version of its service today, which turns smartphones and tablets into virtual desktops by letting you control anything on your PC from a mobile device. PocketCloud utilizes customers’ existing storage on their Mac, PC and virtual desktops rather than storing files on third-party servers. Wyse’s personal cloud costs $1 per month for unlimited storage.

With other services once a user’s files are uploaded to the cloud, control of the privacy and security of this data becomes the responsibility of a third party. Wyse provides remote access to files securely stored on users’ devices and does not limit either the number or type of files that can be shared between personal devices.

The new version of PocketCloud allows unlimited file sharing, of any file type between your iPhone and iPad and your computer for only just $1 a month. So you can link devices, and share music and other files between these devices. PocketCloud also includes support for OS X (Lion) user account authentication, and support for iPad 2 video mirroring.

Wyse claims that they are able to give you much of the same functionality as Amazon, DropBox and others at a fraction of the cost. But with Apple’s upcoming iCloud launch soon, we’ll see if PocketCloud can retain users, especially for iOS.