T-Mobile CMO Says No iPhone 5 This Year

Bad news T-Mobile customers: you may have to cross the iPhone 5 off of your holiday wish list. According to a leaked document from T-Mobile’s OneVoice intranet, Chief Marketing Officer Cole Brodman has unequivocally said that T-Mobile will not get the iPhone 5 this year.

The statement was pulled from his appearance at a company Town Hall at their Field Service Center, where the CMO fielded questions from inquisitive employees. Perhaps to ease the blow, he mentions that T-Mo will launch two new smartphones in the lead up to the holiday season right before giving all those iPhone rumors the axe.

It’s almost certain that one of those smartphones is going to be their Qualcomm-powered Galaxy S II variant, but the other is still shrouded in mystery. Leaked images showed off an impressive device called the HTC Amaze 4G that was reportedly meant to hit T-Mobile — could that round out their holiday blitz?

Even though his phrasing seems pretty clear, the web is already a buzz with people considering the semantics of his remark: does he mean that T-Mobile is getting the iPhone 5 next year? The iPhone 5 isn’t coming to T-Mobile yet, but does that mean the iPhone 4S will? While the debate rages on, it’ll take nothing less than a full reversal from Bellevue to convince us otherwise.