Social Entertainment App GetGlue Streamlines iPhone App Around Check-Ins And Tweets

Social recommendations app GetGlue is debuting a new web UI and iPhone app in time for the Fall TV season. The mobile and web apps have become more conversation centric, with content surfacing around check-ins and Tweets about entertainment and shows.

GetGlue allows users to check-in to their favorite shows, music, movies and books, and see what their friends are enjoying in real-time. With each check-in, users earn points and stickers from GetGlue and other major brands. The app also allows users to rate their favorite shows, movies, books and music and receive personalized suggestions. You can also share check-ins with your Twitter and Facebook friends, rate lists of popular shows, movies, music and books, receive weekly new releases and customized recommendations, and access existing reviews, clips and ratings for millions of shows, movies, books and albums.

Using a proprietary filtering technology GetGlue’s ‘Interesting Conversations’ feature allows you to keep updated on what’s being said about a movie or show. The new apps also features a deeper integration with check-ins and Tweets. After every check-in, users land on the conversation stream, where they’ll find both recent check-ins from friends who are watching the same show as well as interesting check-ins from everyone. A Friend Leaderboard feature allows users can see a list of their top 10 friends around any piece of content ranked by the number of check-ins.

As more consumers want a second-screen experience to accompany watching TV or movies, engagement with GetGlue is growing fast. Over the past four months, check-ins have increased by 130%, from 5 million in May to 11.5 million in August.

TV lovers who use GetGlue this fall will have the chance to earn stickers, discounts and special rewards from participating networks including ABC, NBC, FOX, CW, HBO, Showtime, MTV, FX, AMC, Discovery, Food Network, Lifetime and other major networks.

GetGlue has formed a number of branded partnerships with well-known media companies for the Fall including HBO, ABC, CW, Fox, Showtime, MTV, FX, AMC, Food Network, and Discovery. And late last year the startup received a $6 million investment from Time Warner, Union Square Ventures and others.