Following In Netflix’s Footsteps, Blockbuster Creates A Separate Popcorn Business (Plopydop)

In the wake of Netflix’s announcement that it will separate its DVD and Internet streaming businesses, with the old DVD business being renamed Qwikster, the backlash among customers and investors has begin. And along with that backlash, come the parody videos. The one above by the guys at Landline TV shows Blockbuster’s response. It too is splitting up its business into movie rentals and popcorn. Those buckets of Popcorn it sells at the checkout will now be a new business called Plopydop.

Plopydop will start experimenting with a variety of new popcorn, including “coffee-flavors, popcorn that reads other people’s minds, . . . popcorn that comes with a free dentist visit . . . and a tub of popcorn that comes with a free movie rental now that everyone hates Netflix.”

If the mock video looks familiar, that is because it is based on the apology video Netflix CEO Reed Hastings and new Qwikster CEO Andy Rendich taped to explain the Netflix change. I’ve reposted the original below.