Inspired By ‘Minority Report,’ Immersive Labs Raises $810K For Digital Display Recognition

New York TechStars 2011 alumnus Immersive Labs is announcing its $810K in seed funding today, led by investors Dave McClure, Robert Semmens, Windquest Group, Teddy Schiff and followed on by Quotidian Ventures, Andy Keller, Simon Gelfand, Jay Weintraub, Peter Krupp and Mac Harman. Along with the new funding, the company is also announcing Justin Holmes joining the team as CTO and Jill Miller joining the team as EVP.

Immersive Labs is working on futuristic advertising displays like those in the well known book and film Minority Report, which tailor advertising to the individual viewer. Immersive Labs’ digital signs use cameras and facial recognition technology to determine viewer characteristics like gender, age, distance and time spent viewing the ad in order to then serve up the advertising that would be most relevant (see the demo video below).

The targeting technology has shown an over 60% increase in viewer attention time during pilot tests, according to CEO Jason Sosa.

Immersive Labs plans on using the money to bolster its development team, and hopes to have the technology ready to hit the Los Angeles and New York markets by the fall — Which is kind of scary, come to think of it.