HP TouchPad Go Photos Leaked: Here’s What A Dead 7-Inch Tablet Looks Like

Gather round, young and old, for our first and last glimpse at the never-to-be-released HP TouchPad Go. The seven incher was supposedly a couple weeks away from shipping when HP decided to send webOS hardware to rest in pieces, but one forum-goer claims to have had one for three months. From what we already know, which is basically just the information from the tablet’s FCC filing, this seems like the real deal.

Just like in the filing, the pictured TouchPad Go has a noticeable processor upgrade, clocking in at 1.5GHz rather than running the 10-incher’s 1.2Ghz processor. This model in particular comes with 16GB of internal storage and touts front and rear cameras, along with another awesome little surprise. Apparently the HP TouchPad Go was equipped with what appears to be an NFC module, which will unfortunately never get any use because this tablet will live on only in our memories (and the cache).

The ZooPDA tipster (first noticed by TIMN) said that the screen has the same resolution as its 10-inch counterpart, with 1024 x 768 pixels. The slate also appears to have a 4:3 aspect ratio. If only that bezel was a bit thinner, this thing would be a pretty complete package. As far as TouchPads go, that is.

But that doesn’t really matter. This TouchPad Go leak is the equivalent of our first look at a recently extinct animal. Exciting, but utterly inconsequential.

Check out the full gallery below.