Buddy Media Launches Intelligent Facebook Data And Analytics Platform For Marketers

Fresh with new funding, Buddy Media, a company that provides Facebook Page and social media management tools to brands, is launching ConversionBuddy, a data and analytics platform for brand marketers.

Buddy Media provides an all-in-one social media management system to help create, manage and track social campaigns on Facebook. The platform lets brand managers agencies create, manage and track Facebook pages in a variety of languages to drive and increase user and brand engagement. Users don’t need to have any prior FBML knowledge to create pages on Facebook and can create sleek and interactive pages fairly easily.

ConversionBuddy allows brands to track connections to boost conversions by gaining insight into the number of shares, tweets, conversions and more. So brands can segment data by demographic and even determine which audience segment shares social content most frequently and which audience generates the most traffic and revenue per share.

The new product will also show marketers which content and features are most popular and how they travel across multiple social networks, which social networks and emails generate the highest revenue per share and more.

ConversionBuddy is actually a result of Buddy Media’s acquisition of social commerce and analytics startup Spinback earlier this year. The company just raised $54 million in Series D funding led by GGV Capital with Institutional Venture Partners, Bay Partners and Insight Venture Partners. And Buddy Media’s revenue has more than doubled since the end of 2010, and could be as high as $40 million.