Microsoft Charm

Chew on this: two days after unveiling the developer preview of the next generation of its Windows operating system (“Hands On With Windows 8”), Microsoft filed a U.S. federal trademark registration for the word ‘CHARM’.

The description provided to the USPTO for CHARM is “computer programs; graphical user interface software; operating system programs”.

They’ve left cybersquatters the opportunity to grab and, though, so the trademark filing doesn’t necessarily mean anything.

Interesting, nevertheless, particularly given the timing.

If anyone knows what’s something cooking in Redmond, feel free to let us in on it.

You’d be making me and this charming young lady very happy.

Update: My bad. Some people kindly pointed out to me that ‘charms’ are commands (search, share, devices, settings and a button to return to Start) that come up when you swipe right in Windows 8.