SoundCloud, Deezer And Rhapsody Revealed As Facebook Music Launch Partners?

I love Yvo Schaap, even though I’ve never met him in person.

Wanna know why? Because the man keeps on digging up interesting stuff by simply perusing code, and then alerting us.

Schaap found the embeddable +1 button and a a link to the Google Games logo before either of them was publicly released, and now he may have identified several companies that will be partnering with Facebook for the imminent launch of the latter’s Music service (which may be called Vibes).

Schaap took a good look at the major music streaming services of this world, and found interesting references in the HTML code of some of them. Several popular music streaming service providers, namely Spotify, Rdio, MOG, SoundCloud, Deezer and Rhapsody, show meta data in a so far undocumented format on their track, album and artists pages.

Audio bridges? Sign me up right now!

MOG, Spotify and Rdio have of course already been widely reported as launch partners for ‘Facebook Music’, but notably, Deezer, SoundCloud and Rhapsody are new names.

Schaap also took a look at the likes of, Grooveshark,, Pandora and Napster but didn’t dig up anything interesting on their respective websites (at least, not yet).

Stay tuned for announcements at f8, Facebook’s annual developers’ conference, which will take place on September 22.

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