Tethras Helps Developers Translate And Localize Their Mobile Apps

Tethras is launching its mobile app localization platform in the U.S. The company, which is based in Ireland, helps developers translate their iOS and Android apps into various languages.

The company’s localization as a Service platform connects developers to a multi-region community of language translators. Tethras can help translate apps into over forty languages. And Tethras allows translators and developers to preview what a translation will look like within the app itself.

Because Tethras is based in the cloud, updating and managing translations is an easy process and the startup’s offering can integrate with the app development process. You simple upload your app to Tethras’ platform, and you’ll get quotes on how much it will cost to develop the localized version. After upload, the number of words in the app are counted, and quotes are generated for forty-plus languages. Pricing ranges from $0.10 to $0.28 per word.

As mobile app usage explodes internationally, especially in countries like China and South Korea, it makes sense for app developers to translate and localize their apps for these regions. Tethras should be able to capitalize on the mobile app explosion.