TenMarks Raises $3 Million For Personalized Math Learning SaaS

Education technology startup TenMarks has raised $3 million in new funding led by Catamount Ventures with Birchmere Ventures participating. James Joaquin, new partner at Catamount Ventures, is joining TenMarks’ board.

TenMarks offers a cloud-based service that provides a personalized practice and learning software to help teach students of varying skill levels math concepts. TenMarks aims to supplement classroom instruction, and assign work to students on the topics they cover in class, based on their abilities. Students use hints and short video lessons to refresh what they know and learn what they don’t.

Another version of TenMarks gives teachers the ability create personalized curriculums for each student (called playlists), which contain math concepts from various grade levels. TenMarks Math is free for teachers to use with their students and more than 15,000 classrooms and 250,000 students across all 50 states have used TenMarks Math over the past 6 months.

And the startup says that its software is seeing meaningful results. A study conducted at the Everest Public High School in Redwood City, California showed that students using TenMarks Math made as much as a 36% improvement in their math scores over a 6 week period, with the average student showing a 10% increase. Another elementary School in Novato, California used TenMarks over the summer for students, and saw more than 80% of their students who used TenMarks score higher after the summer break, versus an expected decline.

Technology is no doubt changing the way we are learning and education in general, and startups like TenMarks should see additional growth as more and more teachers and instiutions catch on to this trend.