PAS Brace-L: Yamaha Japan’s Newest Electric Sports Bike

We’ve covered more than one electric bike over the years, but the so-called PAS Brace-L Yamaha introduced last year on the Japanese market is probably the nicest looking. And now the company announced [JP] an improved version of its flagship sports bike (which is, for some reason, also called PAS Brace-L).

The new model’s 8.1Ah/25.2V lithium-ion battery can be charged and discharged as often as 700-900 times, twice as often as the battery used in the 2010 model. It takes four hours for a full charge and provides an assisted travel range of 36km in standard mode, 31km in power mode and 47km in auto-eco mode.

Yamaha also used its S.P.E.C.8 system in the new bike, which tracks the driver’s riding behavior (for example how they shift gears or in which intervals they accelerate) and adjusts the level of electric assistance accordingly.

The company also claims it’s the first electric bike in the world whose LCD indicates the assisted travel range, by constantly tracking the mode chosen and battery life.

The Pac-Brace L 2011 is sized at 1,760×530mm (tires: 26 inches) and weighs 23.5kg. It went on sale in Japan today and costs $1,950.