Keen On… Connected: The Movie About All of Us (TCTV)

One of the most interesting movies of the year launches tomorrow. Connected: An Autoblogography about Love, Death and Technology is the work of the award-winning filmmaker Tiffany Shlain and it deals in both a personal and idealistic way with the impact of digital connectivity on all of us.

“All these technologies are just extensions of ourselves,” Shlain reminded me when she came into the TechCrunchTV studio to talk about Connected. The Bay Area based filmmaker – who founded the Webby awards in 1996 – believes that “in our lifetime,” everyone will be connected. And that’s why she made Connected – to confess what connectedness means to her and what it could mean to all of us as an increasingly connected human race.

Connected is a must see movie. But before you see it, watch Shlain, a woman who has captured the ambiguity of our connected future with unusual clarity.

Watch the trailer: