Did Case-Mate Just Leak The iPhone 5?

And like that it’s gone. Before I could hit the publish button on this post, Case-Mate pulled the page in question and replaced it with a landing page. But for a second there, Case-Mate had what seemed to be a whole bunch of images of iPhone 5 cases loaded with a slightly different phone that looks rather iPad-ish.

Here we go again. Yet another trip around the iPhone 5 leak zone.

It’s hard to say what Case-Mate was using to display their cases. It’s unlike Apple to give accessory makers actually hardware. The pics shown on the now-removed product pages looked like renders anyway, but they were probably based at least partly on known specs. The result is a device with styling cues clearly taken from the iPad 2 and current iPod touch with a tapered back and thinner casing.

Case-Mate’s quick removal of the offending page seems to suggest that it wasn’t posted intentionally — although it could be part of a ploy to get people to this landing page and if was the intent, well played, Case-Mate.

Apple is said to announce the next iPhone sometime in the coming weeks. These images are just the latest in a long, long series of Apple leaks concerning the next iPhone. Gizmodo might have officially pawned Apple with its iPhone 4 scoop, but the iPhone 5 isn’t exactly a well-guarded secret anymore.