Celebs meet tech – Cheryl Cole collaborates with Stylistpick

In the US celebrities have been investing and collaborating with startups. Justin Bieber using Instagram. Ashton Kutcher investing in Soundcloud and Amen. So why not in the UK?

Thus, UK music/TV celeb Cheryl Cole plans to launch a “capsule shoe collection” in association with London startup Stylistpick in December.

The collection forms part of a wide collaboration between Cheryl and Stylistpick, which sees her choosing her favourite pieces from the online accessory retailer’s monthly mainline collections and sharing style insights.

Cole is followed heavily by the mainstream press and fashion press as she has a lot of influence over what UK women buy.

Stylistpick combines a personalised styling membership service with online shopping. Each month members receive a personalised selection of new shoes, bags and jewellery to choose from, edited by celebrity stylists.