Visually Beautiful Recipe Curation Site Gojee Raises $1.2M From Mitch Kapor And Others

Foodie favorite Gojee, which curates recipes from food bloggers around the web in a visually beautiful way, has raised $1.2 million in seed funding led by Kapor Capital. As part of the round, President and Co-Founder of Ustream Brad Hunstable is joining Gojee as an advisor.

As we wrote in our earlier review of the site, Gojee lets you search for recipes by ingredient, either via ‘cravings’ or by one ingredient you have in your pantry. You can also input your dislikes or allergies and Gojee will make sure to surface recipes without these ingredients.

So say I had leftover chickpeas in my pantry, I can enter that query and Gojee will show me all the recipes that include that ingredient from the many food blogs it curates data from. The site presents a beautiful image of the food along with a list of what else is included in the dish, a short description of the dish, and a link to the full recipe on the food blog. You can also star the recipe to save it to your favorites.

What makes Gojee unique is the visually stunning photography that accompanies each recipe. You actually want to eat the food that you could make via the recipe. Currently the site has under 50,000 recipes, but is focused on adding quality recipes vs. quantity.

I’ve actually tested a recipe on the site and it was delicious. And the site has even received attention from celebrity chef Marcus Samuelsson. So it’s no surprise that in the first few months of operation, Gojee has doubled its food writer contributors from 80 to 160. Gojee now has members in 199 countries around the world and has 25,000 members registered through it Google Chrome Web App.