Going Crazy With A Camera In Startup Alley

This year’s Startup Alley at TechCrunch Disrupt SF was the biggest ever, with 200 companies exhibiting throughout the conference. Perhaps as a result it’s attracted many more international companies and the variety of startups is still pretty amazing to see. We decided to do a lot of running around with a camera (quite literally), and do some quick fire interviews with the startups – the videos are below.

As with previous years there were plenty of Israeli startups at TechCrunch Disrupt, but this year they took out an entire “pavilion”, which amounted to a long line of tables. This clustering of companies from one location proved a great idea – perhaps we’ll see more countries follow suit next year.

Amongst the startups we chatted to included Mingle, where you can chat with people around a location but where you don’t have to reveal your actual identity. The lack of a map may be a drawback in my opinion, unlike MapChat.

Mogime was a social network with customisable avatars.

MoreDays was a kind of journaling application combined with a diary app, with a nice interface. Reminicent of Diary.com, although Diary has not emphasised the journal as much.

Poll.do was a startup allowing people to poll / survey users, largely via Twitter.

We then ran into Christopher Maire, a serial VC investor in Berlin and had a quick chat about the Berlin tech scene.

PhoneDeck, a pretty amazing app which lets you track analytics around you phone use. I’m looking forward to its launch.

PigeonMe is an interesting app which is a little like a private check-in on Foursquare for scheduling meet ups with friends or colleagues. You share you future location with someone privately.

Streamer is a startup which brings small business data together in one ‘stream’.

BookLikes is a social app for book readers where users follow eachother and make lists of their favourites, a little like on Twitter. Coming out of Poland.

ReadMill is a startup based in Berlin which is also socialising books via an iPad app and online. Reviewed here.

RedStaple is a web tool to create ePublications and enhanced iBooks – something which authors and publishers could use.

SelectTogether is about social shopping, and getting your friends to chat with you about products as you are online shopping.

MinuteBox is a new way to talk to experts.

Lumatic is tackling making cities more useable by pedestrians.

SkyYou is a new social games app startup.

Whit.li is about fixing online reviews and making them more relevant.

VisualScript is creating an animation tool for HTML 5.

Veat is a SAAS solution for dealers for after-sales marketing campaigns.

Eeve is a location based socal network which allows people to create a temporary network with pictures. It’s like Color – but it works…

Dapsem is a thank-you platform – like an upgraded Like for people.

TourWrist creates 3D visualisations of locations using an iPad app – great for travellers.

ShopCade isa social shopping app, built in Facebook, where you can sell and buy.

Quest.li is ‘Twitter hunting in real life’ – you bet real money on tasks you follow via a mobile app.

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