From Over 130 Hacks Came The Ultimate Six: The Hackathon Winners Take To The Stage

Over the weekend, over 400 hackers gathered for 24 hours of hacking, Red Bull, and networking. From these late night toils, over 130 hacks emerged from the TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon. On Sunday afternoon, five expert judges, which included Salesforce’s VP of Open Cloud Standards Kevin Marks, Google’s Rohit Khare, Betfair’s Vice President of Mobile Engineering Raj Vemulapalli, OneTrueFan founder Eric Marcoullier and’s Director of Engineering, Mobile and Platforms Vishal Shah were tasked with choosing the top six hacks from the plethora of presentations.

The judges chose FlickMunk, Gainify, Weather Checker, ECCube, Ex-Rated, and U4Them, which today had the opportunity to present their fledgling startups and products to the crowd at Disrupt.

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Quick bios of the Hackathon winners below:

FlickMunk: A “Hipmunk for movies,” FlickMunk’s app looks for local theateres around you, helping you to plan your trip to the movie, see how far you are from the theater and whether not you’ll be able to make it in time — as well as helping you rate and track those movies once you’ve taken a gander.

Gainify: Shopify shoppers take note. Gainify is a nifty plugin that lets you turn any Shopify store into a daily deals site.

Weather Checker: Google Calendar plugin that allows you to check the weather of a planned event in advance.

ECCube: An HTML5 3D color matching game.

Ex-Rated: For a novel take on the dating model, Ex-Rated brings Yelp to dating by creating a system that allows users to rate their exes.

U4Them: This hack is aimed at those who cannot afford to pay for healthcare. U4Them is a way to connect people who need help with healthcare payments with people who have the ability to donate cash. Every listing is initiated and approved by social services wing of hospitals, and allows users to ask friends and family to accept payments via PayPal.