The Ghastly Nintendo 3DS Slidepad Is Real, Ships To Japan This December

Nintendo took to the Tokyo Game Show stage today to announce several new products including the new features of 3D video capture and upgraded online distribution. But they didn’t announce the Slidepad. Instead, the 3DS add-on just appeared on the gaming company’s website as if they were a tad embarrassed, or rather confused, about its existence.

Well, there goes Nintendo. They had a good run, right? Nearly every product from the last 10 years save the Gamecube has been built by beautiful geniuses set to change the gaming world. The Gameboy, the DS, the N64, and Wii were novel ideas and therefore prospered in the marketplace. Then came the 3DS, built around a gimmick rather than a new paradigm. The high price, coupled with lackluster launch titles, caused the 3DS to stumble out of the gate and ultimately lead to a major price reduction. It’s a sad time in Super Mario Land.

The Slidepad, if that it’s real name, will hit Japanese retailers December 10 for ¥1500 ($19.50). The add-on runs on a single AAA rather than sporting a newfangled battery pack to extend the life of the 3DS. Because, you know, it would be nice to get a little something extra out of the massive thing riding shotgun on the 3DS.

Since its exsitance wasn’t announced through the usual PR channels, there’s no official word on when its hitting the states. However, Nintendo’s standard operating procedure dictates that when the company releases something in Japan, the states will see the same device several months later meaning the Slidepad will likely launch elsewhere in 2012.