Dwolla Adds Support For LinkedIn, Allowing You To Send Money To Your Professional Contacts

Web and mobile payments platform Dwolla announced today that it now includes integration with LinkedIn’s API, allowing users to send and receive payments to their connections on LinkedIn’s social network. Previously, Dwolla had integrated with Facebook and Twitter to offer similar functionality. And just last week, Dwolla added Foursquare support, too, allowing Dwolla users to passively check-in to a location when making a purchase.

Dwolla, for those unaware, is a company attempting to disrupt how payment networks operate by creating a network that’s devoid of personal information. With the service, users can send and receive funds to and from other Dwolla users as well as with a select group of supported merchants. But most importantly, Dwolla’s distinction from other players in the payments space is its focus on cash, an under-represented market in electronic payments. Users fund Dwolla accounts with cash from their own bank account, and can then use the company’s Web-based platform or their mobile phone to perform the payments at rates that are often far less than on PayPal.

The company has been busy adding new features over the past several months, rolling out FiSync integration for banks to eliminate ACH wait times, “Proxi” for proximity-based mobile payments, the aforementioned Foursquare integration, updates to its Android app and more.

The new LinkedIn support is available now and can be enabled online in the settings. Dwolla is also ending the beta period for Proxi, and is rolling it out to all iOS users today as well. The update will be available in the iTunes App Store.

With these additions, there are now 7 ways to send money via Dwolla: Dwolla ID, Facebook, Twitter, email, SMS, Proxi and LinkedIn.