HP Offers TouchPad Refund Program To European Customers

So, you bought an HP TouchPad. No, not the £89 TouchPad — the £399 TouchPad. Understandably, you’re pissed. Well, everything’s going to be okay. HP’s “way of saying thank you for choosing HP webOS” is to compensate customers who paid full price for the TouchPad before August 23.

If you haven’t already noticed from the “Europe” in the headline or the “£” symbol all over the place, this compensation program is only available for our friends across the pond (Germany, France, and the UK). HP rolled out this refund program pretty quietly, but details can be found on the TouchPad Refund microsite. That includes refund information on all three flavors of TouchPad and the Pre 3, reports ZD Net.

Just after HP decided to discontinue webOS devices, the company issued a liquidation order for its not-so-popular tablet. Once the TouchPad started selling for about a quarter of its original price, it kind of became a hot product. Obviously, this upset early owners who were watching their friends save money. Luckily, HP’s made things right — at least in Europe.

No word yet on whether or not the U.S. will get the same love.