Rumored Specs For Nikon’s Mirrorless Cameras

All the cool kids are going mirrorless these days. Micro 4/3 cameras like the E-PL3 and luxury compacts like the X100 are starting to capture market share as the format matures and people see the benefits. But Canon and Nikon, the great warring giants of photography, have yet to announce any plans. After all, their mirror-rich DSLR lines sell a ton. They don’t want to make their move too early. But Nikon may be getting ready to go first.

Nikon Rumors has gotten its hands on what it thinks are fairly legit specs for Nikon’s upcoming mirrorless line. According to their tips, the first two cameras will be called the V1 and J1. The V1 will be the higher-end model, with a high-resolution EVF and a multi-accessory port. The J1 will have a built-in flash instead of the port. Both will be 10.1 megapixels with 3-inch LCD screens, and will be compatible with a new line of lenses, the CX system.

We saw a leaked picture of the sensor, and the 2.7x crop factor mentioned seems to work with that, though indeed that shot may be where they got that information. There have also been some interesting patents over the last year or so. Early on there was a mirrorless system specced and illustrated in cross section, then we saw a patent on a new type of motorized zoom. Supposedly the V1 and J1 will have a feature or two not shared by their competitors, and that zoom may be one of them.

Will people buy into a first-generation Nikon system when M4/3 systems are entering their third generation, and systems like the Sony’s NEX are becoming more and more compelling? The cameras will have to speak for themselves. No word on date just yet.