HP Releases A Faux 3D Scanner For The Masses

First off, this isn’t what you’re thinking: this scanner doesn’t actually allow you to scan objects in 3D but it allows you to scan physical objects. Think of it as a larger camera. That said, the HP TopShot scanner is clearly a bold move for the beleaguered HP. The $399 MFP prints, copies, and scans and has a special arm that swings up to scan 3D objects. For example, you could place a model on it and “scan” it (really “take a picture of it”) from different angles.

This is one of the first scanners I’ve seen with this feature set and if you’re an Etsy manufacturer or an eBay fiend, it might be a good way to grab shots of items without an expensive light box and lights. Otherwise, it’s just a bog standard multi-function printer that would look at home in anyone’s den or small office.

No availability yet but knowing HP it will probably be discontinued in 47 days [[optional sound effect].