Twitter Has 100M Monthly Active Users, And 40% Of Active Users Don’t Tweet

We’re at Twitter HQ listening to Twitter CEO Dick Costolo talk about the state of Twitter as business. Costolo begins the talk dropping some recent user numbers, wanting to give a “complete picture” of Twitter usership.

Costolo said that is now seeing 400 million monthly uniques according to Google analytics, which is up from 250 million at the beginning of the year, “There’s still a lot of people who log into Twitter but don’t use it every day,” he said.

Costolo confirmed that Twitter now has 100 million global active users, which he defined as anyone who logs into Twitter once a month, with 50 million users active or logging in every day.  He also revealed that 40% of active users “don’t tweet,” which he defines as not having tweeted in the past month. In addition 55% of active users are active on mobile, which has seen a 40% quarter on quarter growth.

Twitter wants to be available on over 2 billion devices eventually he said.

Costolo emphasized that the fact that 40% of users are logging in and not tweeting does not mean that those users aren’t doing anything. He brought up the example of Twitter investor Fred Wilson’s son, who only follows NBA players or a Costolo family friend who follows chefs like Mario Batali and Daniel Brooks. “It’s fun to see the conversation around people you view as celebrities,” he said.

Costolo also said that the statistic represents Twitter’s potential, and that the non-tweeters eventually move from a consumption to a production experience.