Over iPhone And iPad Patents: Apple Sues Samsung In Japan

The patent war between Apple and Samsung is continuing, and this time the battlefield is Japan: Japanese news agency Kyodo is reporting that Apple filed a lawsuit against Samsung with the Tokyo District Court. According to big A, Samsung is infringing on (unspecified) patents on the iPhone and iPad with the Galaxy S Android phone (that carrier Docomo started selling in Japan last year).

If the report is to be believed (neither Apple Japan nor Samsung Japan have confirmed the news), Apple is seeking 100 million yen (US$1.3 million) in damages. A first hearing took place yesterday, and apparently, Samsung’s Japanese unit is ready for a long-term legal battle.

What’s interesting to note is that in Japan, the Galaxy S is a best-selling handset for carrier Docomo, while Apple chose competitor SoftBank as the exclusive distributor for the iPhone and iPad.

And not unlike Apple, Samsung currently sees fantastic sales in Japan, especially with the S II: Docomo sold 100,000 Galaxy S II in the first three days after release of the handset in July, making it the carrier’s fastest-selling phone ever. Today, Docomo announced the Galaxy Tab (LTE-compatible) for the Japanese market.