Turntable.fm Is About To Rock An iPhone App; We Have Screenshots

For the past few months, few things on the web have been hotter than Turntable.fm. The Stickybits pivot got so hot, so fast, that a “trough of disillusionment” was inevitable — and we’ve probably been seeing that the past couple of weeks. But something is coming very shortly that should supercharge the service once again: an iPhone app.

Yes, it was both obvious and inevitable that Turntable.fm would go mobile. But we’ve managed to obtain some details — and most importantly, screenshots.

We’re told that the company is hoping to release the app next week. It has been in testing with a few dozen people for the past few weeks, and is solid on WiFi connections, but less so over 3G, we’re told. That’s probably the last issue they have to address given the screenshots below — it looks very polished. We’re told it was built by one teenage iOS developer.

As you can see, they’ve done a great job moving the look and feel of the app over to mobile. People who have used the app say it’s “awesome”. Like the site, the app has deep Facebook integration, and we assume you still need to know a Facebook friend with access in order to use it yourself.

No word on an Android app at this point.

Speaking of Facebook and Turntable.fm, there are also whispers that the music service will be a part of the social network’s upcoming music announcement, likely taking place at f8 in a few weeks.

Hopefully Turntable.fm’s Billy Chasen and Seth Goldstein will have more to share at Disrupt next week — they’ll both be there.