Is Nike Planning To Release Back To The Future’s Auto-Lacing Air Mags? UPDATE

Marty McFly’s crazy kicks in Back To The Future II have long been a geek’s dream. Ostensibly made by Nike in the film, they would tighten themselves around your feet automatically and, more important, they’ve been the paragon of ultimate geekiness for a certain subset of shoe fanatics.

Well, now it looks like you, too, can go back… to the future. Nike just sent out invitations to an event in LA tomorrow hinting at the actual existence of the Air Mags. The invitation included a pair of Doc’s aluminum shades and a bunch of BTTF merch, so clearly something is afoot.

The company patented the Mags’ power laces back in 2010 so it’s clear that the final product is ready to at least unveil to a legion of panting shoe-heads.

There are folks on NiceKicks already willing to camp out in line for these things, so you’d best act fast.

Unless you’re chicken.