Paul Graham Will Bring Office Hours Back To Disrupt SF, Sign Up Now

One of the most popular sessions from our last Disrupt conference was Paul Graham’s Office Hours (watch the video below). And next week at Disrupt SF, he will be back giving startups advice onstage. Graham and his partners at Y Combinator are famous for their office hours, where startup founders can ask questions about anything from product design to company strategy.

Graham will be conducting office hours onstage at Disrupt SF on Monday September 12 at 11:30. Five companies will be chosen to spend 8 minutes with Graham in a rapid-fire mind meld where he will try to grok what each company does and offer his best feedback. You must be an attendee to participate (you can still buy tickets here).

If you are attending Disrupt and would like to be considered, please fill out the form below. We’ll consult with Paul to narrow the applicants to those that will benefit the most, and provide insightful content. Then, at the start of the session, Paul will select five companies from those finalists. All finalists need to be prepared and ready to walk on stage immediately.

Startup Battlefield companies are not eligible to participate, and neither are existing Y Combinator companies (Paul says he gives you all the time you need already). But any other conference attendees, including Startup Alley startups, are welcome to apply.