Keen On… Is Apple About to Enter the Space Race? (TCTV)

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Last week, editor in chief Victor Agreda talked to me about the post Steve Jobs epoch at Apple. Today, he talks product – iPad 3 & 4, Macbook Pros and Airs, Apple TV, iOS 5, the death of the iPod and the optical drive and much, much more. Where, I asked Victor, will the Apple product line be in September 2012? Will there still be an iPod? Will the Macbook Air and Pro lines have merged? Will Apple have acquired Autodesk or a major Hollywood studio? Will there be a 50” Apple tv? Will we have an iPad 4?

As always with Apple, there’s one more thing. And that last thing is the game changer, the thing that alters the world forever. So is Apple about to enter the space race, I asked Victor. You may be surprised by his response.