ShiftPlanning Secures Seed To Move Work Schedules To The Cloud

Most businesses still use pen and paper or spreadsheets to manage employee work schedules, which is way too old fashioned these days. Shiftplanning literally shifts that process into a web application, thus aiming to disrupt a significant part of the enterprise software sector.

The startup has now secured a significant amount of seed financing from Germany-based based serial investor Christoph Janz, Reas Kondraschow and other private investors. Terms are undisclosed by sources say it came in at just under $500,000.

Janz has a history of in investing in other SaaS investments such as Zendesk, FreeAgent Central, Clio and Vend. The other investors were Hugo Bonjean, entrepreneur, and Radek Burkat, founder and CEO of PinkBike.

Founded in 2009 by Ryan Fyfe, Shiftplanning says it has hundreds of customers in 20 countries globally, including franchises of Days Inn, T-Mobile and Subway. It claims it can save 50-80% of the time and money previously spent on work scheduling. It also means employees can view their individual work schedules from a browser.

The startup competes with BetterPlan, MySchedule and OnShift.