Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7, Galaxy Note Not Launching In The US? Ever?

Sigh. Samsung is apparently not planning on launching two of its latest tablets in the states. This comes right from an IFA Samsung rep who stated there are no plans on bringing the tablets to the kind citizens of the US of A. Of course this rep might not be in the know, but most of the time these flacks abstain from using absolute statements, instead using their fancy marketing circle talk. But this rep shoot nearly all hope.

The two tablets in question here, the Galaxy Tab 7.7 and the Galaxy Note, were some of the biggest hits at IFA this year. They both sport beautiful AMOLED screens in slender, size-appropriate casings. The 7.7 is a fine update from the original Galaxy Tab, which also debuted at German’s IFA show back in 2010. The Note then takes up the banner dropped by the canceled Dell Streak 5 but comes supercharged with an active digitizer stylus.

It’s not without precedent that a manufacturer will sell different models in different regions. This move by Samsung, if it’s actually true, could be a response to its European legal dealings with Apple. If Sammy can’t sell the GalTab 10.1 then they’re going to hit the market with a volley of unconventional tablets. In fact instead of going head-to-head with the iPad, Samsung should have employed this tactic from the get-go and hit the market with, if you will, anti-iPads that offer different use-cases through smaller form factors.

This leaves US buyers in the dark, though. Sprint, Verizon and AT&T still sells the original 7-inch Android 2.x Galaxy Tab and the newish 10.1 iPad clone. The US market is getting the just-announced 8.9-inch Galaxy Tab in both 3G and WiFi flavors. Perhaps the kingpins at Samsung thought any more than three models would confuse the average American shopper although most tech pundits assumed the new GalTab 7.7 would replace the very old 7-inch model. Oh well, that doesn’t sound like it’s going to happen. But, as is with everything Android, another manufacturer will likely out nearly identical models including a smaller tablet like the Samsung Note and launch here in the States while Samsung is testing the waters in Europe.