Google+ To Roll Out A Twitter-Like Suggested User List

Google’s Bradley Horowitz just Tweeted out a note indicating that Google is about to add a Twitter-like Suggested User list to Google+. From the Tweet: We’re about to pilot a ‘suggested user’-like mechanism on Google+. If you’ve got more than 100k followers on Twitter, DM me – lets talk! As stated in the message, Horowitz is looking for users who have more than a 100,000 followers on Twitter.

Besides what Horowitz wrote, there aren’t too many details on how Google+ will decide who will be on the list. Twitter’s suggested user list has been controversial because those on it were assured to gain thousands of followers a day, and those who are left off thought this was unfair. Twitter then revamped the list last year, and now also allows users to create personalized suggested user lists.

Google has become more brand friendly with verification for profiles of celebrities, public figures, and people who have been added to an (undefined) ‘large’ number of Circles. It’s unclear yet if the suggested user list will include only verified profiles.

How Google decides who makes it on the list will be very interesting. Clearly Twitter followers are playing a factor of sorts, which is interesting. You have to wonder whether Facebook or other followings on networks will also be used. Horowitz did add that Google has some ‘amazing ideas around context-specific relevance’ for recommendations.