Full Video: Salesforce’s Marc Benioff Interviews Google Chairman Eric Schmidt

Salesforce CEO and founder Marc Benioff sat down for an hour-long interview with Google’s Chairman and former CEO Eric Schmidt last night at Dreamforce, and here’s the full video of the interview. We’ve embedded it into the post as well.

As we covered last night, Schmidt and Benioff went down memory lane through his days at Novell and Sun Microsystems, and chatted about Google Apps, which he says has 40 million users with 5,000 firms are joining per day, as well as the success of the Android platform.

Schmidt also said that Apple’s Steve Jobs gave the best performance by a CEO in 50 years, maybe 100 years. He not only built Apple once, but twice. And he weighed in on Google’s Motorola acquisition as well as the troubled U.S. patent market.

The interview is actually very insightful, especially regarding Schmidt’s views on Apple and Steve Jobs and his suggestions on how to reform patents. It’s worth a watch if you find an hour of spare time over the holiday weekend.