Evul Todai: A Relaxation Lighthouse Lamp For The Living Room

Lighting gadgets and accessories are a dime a dozen, but the so-called Evul Todai from Japan manages to stand out. The device is designed like a Japanese-style lighthouse and behaves like it, too: while the top part glows, the middle part rotates to project one out of a total of 15 patterns (in one of 5 colors) throughout the room.

The Evul Todai uses a heat convection turning system for the photo lens, and because there is no motor, the device doesn’t produce any annoying sounds when it rotates (the turning intervals are adjustable between 4 and 22 seconds).

Users can also drop their favorite essential oils into the hollow on the top of lamp, which the device then slowly burns off over time (no flame needed).

Each Evul Todai is manufactured in Japan, in parts by a “third-generation potter “(see below), and comes packaged in a high-quality box – which is probably why it’s being marketed as a “premium relaxation light”.

The lighthouse lamp is Japan-only, but available for everyone living outside this country through specialized site Japan Trend Shop for $239 (they’ll ship it anywhere).

Here’s a short demo video: