Bright 3D Drive: Epson Introduces World’s First HTPS-TFT 3D Panel

Epson has been working on HTPS (high-temperature polysilicon)-based TFT panels for years now, and yesterday the company announced the launch of the world’s first such panel for 3D 3LCD projectors. There will be two models, one measuring¬†0.74 inches (pictured) and another one with 0.61 inches, both will full HD resolution.

According to Epson, the new devices use a technology called “Bright 3D Drive” that helped to boost the image refresh rate from 240Hz to 480Hz. As a result, 3D pictures produced by the new panels are said to be 1.5 times brighter than those created by 240Hz models.

Epson has already started mass-producing their HTPS 3D panels and will offer them to other projector makers, too.