VMware Unveils Enterprise Solutions For Samsung’s Galaxy Devices

Samsung made it known at last night’s big announcement that they intended the Galaxy S II series to be more IT-friendly than its predecessor: improved Exchange support and on-device data encryption were just some of the highlights. This was apparently just the tip of the IT iceberg, as VMware has just announced a partnership with Samsung to integrate support for their View 5 and Horizon Mobile products to the GSII series and the Honeycomb-powered Galaxy Tabs.

VMware View 5 is a much-awaited update to their long-running series of desktop virtualization solutions. Users are able to access a full work desktop environment on their tablet, but improvements in bandwidth mean the experience is more fluid and engaging. View 5 also brings better support for 3D graphics and integration of While View has already made a move into the tablet space with support for the iPad, support for Samsung’s Android tablets is a logical next step for a company looking to maintain their “global leader” status in virtualization and cloud infrastructure.

Announced at their VMworld conference, VMware Horizon Mobile is a way for enterprises to give users’ Samsung devices a bit of split personality disorder. When the device is set up with Horizon, it creates an encrypted virtual machine of sorts through which users can access work-related applications and data.

By setting up a distinct work identity on the device, IT admins can better manage these devices without ever stumbling across personal information. The fact that an instance of Android would essentially be running within another seems like it would wreak havoc on the device’s performance, but VMware claims a reduction in performance of only about 10%. I’ll believe it when I see it, but considering the caliber of the hardware it’s running on, the claim is within the realm of possibility.

Samsung has a good thing going here, as it makes their new tablets and smartphones that much more attractive for the enterprise product buyers. While this partnership will help Samsung get a foot in the door, they’ll have to work quickly to make the most of it: View 5 and Horizon Mobile is also due to appear on rival LG’s devices soon.