HTC Jetstream: AT&T’s 10.1 Inch LTE Tablet, Launches September 4

HTC’s Jetstream (nee Puccini) has been the stuff of rumors for weeks now, but AT&T has officially announced the 10.1 inch tablet this morning.

The Jetstream is HTC’s first to run Android 3.1 Honeycomb, complete with a bit of Sense UI design specifically tweaked for the tablet’s larger form factor. A 1.5 GHz dual-core Snapdragon processor powers the Jetstream, and it packs two cameras: an 8 MP shooter with dual LED flash on the rear, and a 1.3 MP front-facer mounted right over the 10.1 inch WXGA display.

Rumors of the Jetstream’s LTE capability have fortunately been confirmed, making it AT&T’s only non-modem LTE device, a distinction that hopefully doesn’t stick for too much longer. At .51 inches thick and weighing in at just over 1.5 pounds, the Jetstream isn’t the thinnest tablet in the world, but all its horsepower should make up for it.

First seen on their Flyer/View 4G tablet, HTC has also carried over Scribe support, meaning users can doodle to their hearts’ content on a much nicer screen. The Jetstream also gets a bit of the AT&T treatment when it comes to apps: it comes preloaded with AT&T Family Map and AT&T Navigator, along with HTC’s own Watch and Friendstream apps.

As compelling as the Jetstream looks, expect wallets to groan: when it launches on September 4, it’ll run customers $699 with a 2-year contract. In addition to AT&T’s existing lineup of data plans ($15/200 MB and $25/2 GB), they have also announced a new $35/3 GB plan for heavier users. It’s a pricey proposition no matter how you look at it, but here’s hoping the experience is worth the cost.