First Acer Ultrabook Leaks, Full Specs and Price Included

The first round of ultrabooks are upon us. Acer and Asus are said to have several models ready for an IFA debut later this week, but Notebook Italia just located a product page for the Acer Ultrabook S3 that went up a bit premature and confirms that these next-gen notebooks, ultrabooks, will rock your socks.

The Acer Ultrabook S3 reads like any ol’ Windows notebook: Intel Core i5-2467M, 4GB of RAM, and a 320GB HDD (or optional 20GB SSD) paired with a 13.3-inch screen. But this is an ultrabook, which explains the 13mm thickness. (that’s less than the MacBook Air’s thickest point)

As SlashGear points out, a straight price conversion puts this model at $1,130 USD, but Acer could very well price it more aggressively here given Intel’s strong desire to keep models using this architecture affordable.

Prepare yourself for more ultrabook news this week as IFA gears up. These notebooks are set to be the next big thing and every manufacturer is going to want to cash in.