Assistly For Salesforce Launches On AppExchange

Assistly, the cloud-based customer support platform that’s backed by Bullpen Capital, Index Ventures, Salesforce, as well as several other angels and VCs, launched version 2.0 of its platform back in July, along with rolling out a new pricing model that includes a full-featured version of its service for free.

Today, the summer features keep on rolling out for Assistly, which today announced that it would be adding two-way integration with Salesforce. Assistly for Salesforce is an AppExchange app that, according to the Assistly blog, will enable sales and support teams to “share a complete view of the customer” — in other words, customer support teams can now see data, like customer contact info and status while working on cases — direct from Salesforce. The app will also integrate with Salesforce Chatter to make it easy to involve one’s entire company in customer support, and allow users to send status updates and set rules to automatically generate Chatter messages as customer support cases age.

With Assistly for Salesforce, users can view contact history and more without having to leave Assistly, and likewise, customer support teams can view information from Salesforce — all in an effort to offer a more consistent experience to the customer. Organizations can then use Assistly to show where a customer is in the sales cycle, the status or value of that customer to the company, and the customer’s contact information. In realtime.

Assistly has had an ongoing partnership with Salesforce, and this announcement is a logical extention of the strategic investment Salesforce has made in Assistly — and shows yet another partnership forged by Salesforce to continue adding products and services that complement its existing service.

Since launching in September of last year and taking on new capital, Assistly has brought on companies like Yelp, Etsy, 37signals, Pandora, Vimeo, and Spotify as paying customers. The startup also counts Mark Cuban and David Liu as advisors.

For more, check out the video below: