Apple Offers Refurbished iPad 2 Models At $50 Discount

There isn’t much about an iPad 2 that would lead you to hesitate before buying, except maybe a glance down at the price tag. Today, that’s slightly less of an issue. Apple has started to sell refurbished iPad 2s in its online store, although it looks as though the 16GB models aren’t currently available. The refurbs are only discounted $50 from the original pricing, but a discount is a discount.

All of Apple’s return and warranty rules apply to refurbished models, according to MacRumors. The units will have a brand new back cover and battery, while the rest of the device is cleaned and tested for any issues. If something’s amiss, Apple will replace that particular component.

The 32GB WiFi + 3G model is going for $679, and is available in both black and white for both carriers. $649 will get you the 64GB WiFi only model, while the 64GB WiFi + 3G unit will go for $779 (also available for both carriers). If you don’t care about the iPad 2 and just want the cheapest possible iPad, Apple is also selling refurbished models of its 16GB Wifi + 3G original iPad for just $399.

A little online scavenging would probably find you an iPad 2 with savings that beat $50. But Apple support is pretty crucial when it comes to such an expensive device, so we suggest the refurb route if you’ve got the cash.