Video: Sense 3.5 UI Leak Shows The New Face Of HTC Phones

Eagle-eyed readers may have spotted the “With HTC Sense” badge on the newly-leaked HTC Vigor’s rear-end, and yet another leak may have disclosed what to expect when the thing turns on. A five minute video tour of HTC’s updated Sense 3.5 UI has just surfaced, and gives us a peek at what the next big HTC devices have in store for us.

Speaking in broad terms, it looks very much like the Sense 3.0 skin as seen on devices like the HTC Sensation. This isn’t a surprise, given the small version number bump, but HTC’s UI team seems to have focused much of their work on smoothing out transitions and adding little details.

The biggest visual difference is the disappearance of the standard three-button Sense launcher bar at the bottom of the homescreen. It has seemingly been replaced by separate app drawer and phone keys. Widgets have been updated as well, and HTC has also played with the ability to add and remove homescreens.

HTC’s Sense 3.0 looks great, but the additional bits of polish that went into the 3.5 version make the device feel more… complete. The amount of stuff that Sense could do tended to mean cluttered homescreens for most devices, but Sense 3.5 at first glance feels much cleaner and much more open. In addition to the Vigor, the Sense 3.5 UI is also expected to pop up on the notorious HTC Bliss, Verizon’s girls-only smartphone.

Much of Android’s popularity comes from the ability to customize it endlessly, but there’s definitely a market for a whiz-bang experience out of the box. There’s no word on when Sense 3.5 will start hitting handsets, but here’s hoping it won’t take too long.

[via Droid-Life]