TomTom Discovers Apps, Puts Twitter, Yelp And More In The Go Live 1535 M PND

Ladies and germs, this is the Go Live 1535 M, which according to TomTom, is the first PND with connected apps. That claim may not exactly be true, but the Go Live 1535 M does have an impressive — that is, impressive for a GPS — set of non-standard functions through a variety of apps such as Twitter, Yelp, TripAdvisor, and Expedia. These are in addition to TomTom’s VIA connected services that includes fuel prices, weather and Google Local Search.

The personal navigation device market has lost much of its thunder the last few years. These apps are the sort of functions that could have at least temporarily slowed the transfer of power to the smartphones regime. But alas, the Go Live 1535 M is hitting a few years too late with a crazy-high price.

Most of the apps are what you’d expect. Yelp and TripAdvisor, well, advise travelers on restaurants and different locations. The Twitter apps is gimped and only functions as a sort of auto-tweeting device, automatically sending out a tweet or check-in once you arrive at a location; you can’t read tweets on the device.

The new Go Live 1535 is expected later this year for $299. The already-released 2535 M will get the apps through a firmware update at a later time. The device, thanks to its price, is likely to only satisfy a very niche market as consumers who are actually interested in apps likely have a smartphone that can pull double duty.